February Reflection 2014


“Love, love changes everything” so the song goes, from the Lloyd Webber musical "Aspects of Love”.
February is sometimes known as ‘the month of love’ – probably because of the celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day’. We need no reminders as we are surrounded by ‘hearts’ in every card and flower shop! Perhaps this is a time to listen to Catherine’s reminder,

“Our hearts can always be in the same place – centred in God.”

LOVE is an all-encompassing word. During this month our attention is focused on three ‘aspects of love’ –

On the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord February 2 - we unite with religious throughout the world and celebrate our life-long commitment to loving service.

“What a consolation to serve Jesus Christ himself in the person of the poor, and to walk the very same path he trod.”
(Catherine McAuley)

On the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes – February 11 – we remember the sick and suffering of our world and pray with Catherine,

“My God, look down with pity and mercy on your afflicted poor and give us the grace to do all we can for their relief and comfort. We most humbly ask your blessing this day in the name and for the sake of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

As we celebrate the martyrdom of St. Valentine on 14 February we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice for love.

“This congregation was founded on Calvary there to serve a crucified Redeemer.”

Margaret Jones rsm



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