Reflection - July 2013

 "The Poor need help today, not next week"

Extract from Chapter 3 of the Constitutions of the First Sisters of Mercy (C.McAuley)

Let those whom Jesus Christ has graciously permitted to assist Him in ministering to his suffering poor have their hearts animated with gratitude and love and placing all their confidence in Him, ever keep His unwearied patience and humility present to their minds, endeavouring to imitate Him more perfectly every day in self-denial, patience and entire resignation. Thus shall they gain a crown of glory and the great title of Children of the Most High which is assuredly promised to the merciful.

Reflection Questions
Who are the poor and vulnerable in my life?
As I reflect on these words of Catherine what strikes me?
Am I able to reach out with ‘unwearied patience and humility’?
As you focus on this image of Catherine imagine yourself in the place of the poor woman. What do you want to share with Catherine about your life situation?

How are you changed by this encounter with Catherine
Scripture Reflection Matthew 25 : 34— 40

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