November Reflection 2016


“A little bit of Mercy makes the world less cold and more just.”

Pope Francis


At the beginning of this Year of Mercy we reflected on opening the “Doors of Mercy.” We are now approaching the end of this year and again I’m sure we are looking back and asking ourselves what the year has meant for us, our communities and our surroundings. Each of us will have made our own contribution. We may not have been able to make a weekly visit to a different institution like Pope Francis but a friendly greeting to a lonely person or a word of encouragement for a vulnerable person will have made the world “less cold and more just.”

We are reminded of Catherine’s words, “There are three things the poor prize more highly than gold, tho’ they cost the donor nothing; among these are the kind word, the gentle, compassionate look and the patient hearing of their sorrows.”

As Sisters of Mercy our Year of Mercy began not in 2015 but in 1831 when Catherine McAuley founded our order. We pray that like Catherine we will continue her work long after the door closes on the Church’s Year of Mercy.
“Mercy is the call, the charism and heritage which “forms and reforms our lives.” It enables us through the power of the Spirit and in the name of the Church to reach out with courage and compassion to Christ’s suffering members and to witness to the constancy of God’s loving kindness in every age.”

(Constitutions of the Sisters of Mercy of Ireland paragraph 3)
Marie O'Dea rsm


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