April Reflection 2014

a hymn of praise and worship

All in the April morning,                  
April airs were abroad;
The sheep with their little lambs
Pass'd me by on the road.

The sheep with their little lambs
Pass'd me by on the road;
All in an April evening
I thought on the Lamb of God.

The lambs were weary, and crying
With a weak human cry;
I thought on the Lamb of God
Going meekly to die.

Up in the blue, blue mountains
Dewy pastures are sweet:
Rest for the little bodies,
Rest for the little feet.

Rest for the Lamb of God
Up on the hill-top green;
Only a cross of shame
Two stark crosses between.

All in the April evening,
April airs were abroad;
I saw the sheep with their lambs,
And thought on the Lamb of God. 
Katharine Tynan Hinkson

“If we considered our Divine Lord in his Incarnation, Nativity and Hidden Life, and above all, His Sacred Passion, we should see at once that humility accompanied His every word and action.
… Let us generously take up the cross, and we will find by experience that it is light and sweet, and Full of the unction of heavenly grace.”

                        Venerable Catherine McAuley

Sister Angela Moroney


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