Service to those in Need

"Need is our Cloister." Venerable Catherine McAuley

We are called to respond to the needs of our world. We reach out to people who are:
   1.Spiritually poor and have lost a meaning for living
   2.Vulnerable and are crying out for help - spiritual and material

We commit ourselves to:

Deeper understanding of the global social, economic, political and cultural  structures which oppress peoples, nations and the earth which sustain all

  1. Reflective and Spiritual solidarity among ourselves and with those whose voices are repressed
  2. Collaborative action

The Sisters are committed to the following ministries:

1.  Education at all levels
2.  Health Care - Hospice/Nursing/Care Homes
3.  Ministry to women and children
4.  Spirituality Centres - Counselling & Prayer Ministry
5.  Parish Ministry
6.  Catechesis
7.  Chaplaincy — Prison/Young Offenders/ Hospital/Hospice & Educational Institutions
8.  Ministry to the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, travellers …
9.  Justice and Peace issues
10. Missions abroad
11. Archives
12. Mercy Associates

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“She (Catherine) taught the needy how to regulate their lives so that they would be holy as well as happy.”


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