May, 5 2017

Robroyston, Glasgow

At our General Chapter in 2015, it was decided, ....

May, 1 2017

May Prayer Reflection 2017

'Let those whom Jesus Christ has graciously permitted to assist Him in the person of his suffering poor .......

April, 10 2017

My Visit to Downing Street

The 29th March 2017, a milestone day.............

April, 1 2017

April Prayer Reflection 2017

‘I love you madly!’ The One who created us wants to give us this gift...........

March, 1 2017

March Prayer Reflection 2017

One of the main priorities of our world today is the Care of Creation.

February, 1 2017

February Prayer Reflection 2017

The scene in the Temple is a strange mixture of gladness and pain.........

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