January, 30 2018

News from Addo South Africa

It is hard to believe we are in the year 2018 ...

January, 1 2018

January Prayer Reflection 2018

A spirit of gratitude is one of the most wonderful ways to develop our spiritual life, because it accepts the fact that everything is a gift from God........

January, 1 2018

Sister Mary Lelia Celebrates 100 years

Sister Mary Lelia Noonan celebrates 100th Birthday.

December, 9 2017

Visit to Addo South Africa 2017

One morning a family waited at the gate in torrential rain. The father was wearing broken shoes ...

December, 8 2017

Caring for the Carers: St. Mary's, Handsworth, Birmingham.

The St. Mary’s Team had become aware that many local people were acting as full-time or part-time carers......

December, 1 2017

December Prayer Reflection 2017

As we begin our Advent journey let us take time to reflect on both Catherine’s and Pope Francis’ words.

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