May, 20 2018

St Winefride’s Convent of Mercy Celebrates 150 years

The history of St Winefride’s Convent tells the story of Sisters invited by Bishop Ullathorne to establish a Convent of Mercy in Staffordshire.

May, 1 2018

May Prayer Reflection 2018

Mary is known by many titles, some of them quite grand and exotic. However, St. Luke calls her ‘his mother’ - “And his mother pondered all these things in her heart.”

April, 1 2018

April Prayer Reflection 2018

EASTER or PASCHA in Latin is linked to the Jewish PASSOVER and the season of Eastertide is sometimes called PASCHALTIDE.

March, 1 2018

March Prayer Reflection 2018

Catherine McAuley used to say that common sense was one of the most necessary qualities for a Sister, “but” she would add,............

February, 28 2018

Fishguard Community Celebrate Centenary - 1918 - 2018

Fishguard Community and Friends celebate Centenary of Foundation ...

February, 24 2018

Sisters honoured for their work in Education in London’s East End

At the request of Fr. William Kelly, eight Sisters of Mercy came from Tullamore to make a foundation in the East End of London, arriving at St. Mary and St. Michael’s Parish on March 2nd 1859.

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