February, 2 2018

February Prayer Reflection 2018

This painting by Rembrandt was found unfinished in his studio after his death. It depicts the moment in which Simeon received the Infant Jesus into his arms, and speaks his Nunc Dimittis “Now let they servant go in peace” (Lk. 2:26-29).

January, 30 2018

News from Addo South Africa

It is hard to believe we are in the year 2018 ...

January, 1 2018

January Prayer Reflection 2018

A spirit of gratitude is one of the most wonderful ways to develop our spiritual life, because it accepts the fact that everything is a gift from God........

January, 1 2018

Sister Mary Lelia Celebrates 100 years

Sister Mary Lelia Noonan celebrates 100th Birthday.

December, 9 2017

Visit to Addo South Africa 2017

One morning a family waited at the gate in torrential rain. The father was wearing broken shoes ...

December, 8 2017

Caring for the Carers: St. Mary's, Handsworth, Birmingham.

The St. Mary’s Team had become aware that many local people were acting as full-time or part-time carers......

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