May, 2 2019

May Prayer Reflection 2019

“The Sisters shall always have the warmest and most affectionate devotion ..............

April, 1 2019

April Prayer Reflection 2019

Pope Francis on Lent: “Lent invites us to focus, first of all on the Almighty, in prayer...............

March, 1 2019

March Prayer Reflection 2019

“The simplest and most practical lesson I know…..

February, 1 2019

February Prayer Reflection 2019

I received a Christmas gift of a DVD - “The Magic of the Musicals” and one of the tracks is “I will follow Him” from the film “Sister Act.”

January, 1 2019

January Prayer Reflection 2019

In paragraph 41 of our Constitutions we are reminded: We treasure the heritage of Union and Charity........

December, 1 2018

December Prayer Reflection 2018

‘Be patient therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord.’ (James 5.7)

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